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Tips for parents of drug addicts

  1. No addict can be forced to give up the drug.

  2. Start with yourself. Gain knowledge about addiction and find the courage to deal with it.

  3. Do not treat the addict on your own.

  4. Accept the reality - no matter how harsh.

  5. Do not let the addict control your behaviour. Do not be ambivalent, at any cost. Don't ever panic.

  6. Do not infuse guilt via moralising or losing your temper.

  7. Try and understand the addict and make him/her feel that you care.

  8. Be patient. Do not look for shortcuts. Recovery takes around a year.

  9. Pray to God. It works.

  10. Do something. To do nothing is the second worst choice you can make.

  11. To forcefully hospitalise the addict when he/she is not motivated enough to quit is the worst choice you can make (though it may give you temporary relief).


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