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Day 1
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International Conference on HIV/AIDS and Substance Abuse
7th November 2000.
INAUGURAL SESSION - 09.00am 12.15pm
3) Welcome Address: Ms.Niti Khosla(Convenor of Hope 2000) - 10.35 - 10.40
4) Address by Guests of Honour:
  • Mr. Anand Bordia (National Project Manager, Drug Demand Reduction, UNDCP) -10.40 - 10.50
  • Dr. Subhash Salunke (Director of Health Services, Maharashtra State) -10.50 - 11.00
  • Mr. Gordon Alexander (Senior Country Program Advisor, UNAIDS) - 11.00 - 11.10
  • Mr.Peter Coleridge (Vice President, CAMH, Canada) - 11.10 - 11.20
5) Keynote Address: Address by - Dr Yusuf Merchant, President of Hope 2000 and DAIRRC -11.20 -11.30
6) Inaugural lighting of the lamp by Hon'ble Health and Family Welfare Minister Dr. C. P. Thakur - 11.30 - 11.33
7) Address of The Chief Guest Dr. C. P. Thakur - Hon'ble Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India - 11.33 - 11.53
8) Floral tributesand vote of thanks - 11.53 -11.55
9) Coffee/Tea Break - 11.55 - 12.15

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10) Session No.1: HIV/AIDS Information & Dissemination
Chairperson: Mr. Atul Sharma.
Speakers: Ms. Amanda Williams & Ms. Sarah Thaine (UK) - 12.15 - 12.40

Ms. Amanda Williams is the Director of Charity at Grandma's, a Christian charity, whose activities center around children and families affected by HIV/AIDS. She founded Grandma's in 1990 and has 14 years experience in dealing with people affected by HIV/AIDS. Grandma's operates in both England and Ireland.

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Ms. Sarah Thaine is a Charity Worker and Overseas Development Manager with Grandma's. Sarah worked as a pharmacist before she joined Grandma's. Initially she worked along with affected families, but now manages the overseas development initiatives of Grandma's.

Topic of Presentation: Working with Children and Families Affected by HIV/AIDS.
Abstract: This presentation gave an outline of the work of Grandma's - a Christian organisation providing practical support to children and families affected by HIV/AIDS in London, Ireland and elsewhere in the world.

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Speakers: Ms. Maureen Donaghue, Mr. John R Casey and Ms. Lynn M. Campanario (USA) - 12.40 - 13.05

Ms. Maureen Donaghue has worked in the field of alcohol and other drug prevention for over 20 years. She is currently the co-ordinator of Alcohol and Other Drug Programs at the Prevention and Planning Division of the Department of Health Services in Sonoma County, California. She is also a leader in her community's new public health initiative on teen sexual violence.

Mr. John R. Casey is the Program Manager, Prevention and Counseling Services for a community-based agency in California, USA. He has worked with youth and families in residential treatment environments, schools, juvenile detention facilities, and community settings, and currently serves on various coalitions throughout Sonoma County.

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Ms. Lynn M. Camapanario is the HIV/AIDS co-ordinator, Department of Health Services in Sonoma County, California. She has worked in public health for more than fifteen years with an emphasis on HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment. Her current prevention work co-ordinates a countrywide community planning process and directs a social marketing campaign for at-risk youth.

Topic of Presentation: Alcohol and other Drug Use and HIV - Coalition Building as a Prevention Strategy.
Abstract: This paper dealt with information and dissemination methodologies employed at Sonoma County, California by way of involvement of the community at every step. It studied the impact of these methodologies and recommended the role of coalition building as a prevention strategy.

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Speaker: Ms. Shilpi Kapoor (India) - 13.30 - 13.55
Ms. Shilpi Kapoor is the Executive Director of the Computer Training Centre for the Visually Handicapped. She is an internet conference host with Talkcity Inc. USA since 1997 and has been promoting the Indian community and also freelances as a Networking Consultant. She has designed the first training course in India to train the blind in the use of computers.

Topic of Presentation: Utilising the Internet to combat HIV
Abstract: The paper discussed how the Internet can help to combat HIV, by creating awareness, providing advice and information while maintaining a high degree of privacy and confidentiality, interactive chats, support group meetings and discussion boards.

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11) Questions & Answers - 13.55 - 14.05
12) Lunch Break - 14.05 - 14.30

13) Session No.2: Internet and Pharmacological Intervention in Curbing Substance Abuse.
Chairperson: Mr. Sanjive Khosla.
Speaker: Mr. Teuvo Peltoniemi (Finland) - 14.30 - 14.55

Mr. Teuvo Peltoniemi is the head of the Information Department of the A-Clinic Foundation in Helsinki, Finland, which is the largest substance abuse treatment and prevention NGO in Finland. He is also editor-in-chief of the Finnish alcohol journal TIIMI, and the co-ordinator of the European PREVNET telematic network, as well as the co-ordinator of the Fragile Childhood Project.

Topic of Presentation: Telematic Prevention and Treatment on Drugs and Alcohol - the Use of Internet and Phone Systems in Prevnet Euro Project in Five European Countries.
Abstract: The use of internet and phone systems in Prevnet Euro Project in five European countries. This paper dealt with the genesis, formation and effectiveness of Prevnet Euro (Telematic methods in drug prevention project) which involves the use of internet and phone systems in drug prevention.

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Speakers: Mr. Percy Menzies (USA) - 14.55 - 15.20

Mr. Percy Menzies is the President of Pentaquod Enterprises, a treatment consulting company based in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. He is also a board member of the American Council on Alcoholism. He has also worked for DuPont Pharmaceuticals for over 18 years and had responsibility for Naltrexone, which is used in the treatment of heroin addiction, as the associate product manager.
Topic of Presentation: Opioid Antagonists in the Treatment of Addictions
Abstract: This paper dealt with the advances made in the field of neurosciences, which have led to a better understanding of the reward circuitry of the brain and the neurochemical dynamics of opioids and opiate receptors. Opioid anatagonists that curb the cravings associated with addictions are emerging as potent drugs in the treatment of heroin addiction and alcoholism.
14) Questions & Answers - 15.20 - 15.30
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