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Brown Sugar
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since 1982

Paranoia ending,
He stopped trembling,
He stopped searching.

The fugitive is no more on run,
The angry fellow is no more on fire,
The self-pity boy is no more on ice.
He now saw all the answers are tapping.  

The time has come,
The moment has begun,
Hopes are alive.
He has survived.

He came to a land,
A land of empathy,
Sympathy and love.

He is not alone,
Others also have survived,
They shared the stories of their dark side.
He smiled said ,“the movie is finally rolling to a happy time.”

He met the Doc of positive mind,
who suggested, “ purify your soul.”
“Soon you’ll start using your mind's eye.”

Time flowed by,
It wiped up all the shame,
And guilt from the sight.

Self-esteem kept erecting,
Adrenalin rush became like a stream that's flowing,
The tone scales are molding.

As happiness kept shining,
A rainbow came and touched his life,
Stains of colors are left behind.

Goodness empowering,
Principles centering,
Pleasures are evolving.
With all these came a creation of a new mankind.

Survivor’s instinct said,
His intuition were right
He is at the right place at the right time.

Oh land of magic,
Miracles and love,
THANK YOU for making me see,
Thank you for getting me out of those blind folded scenes.

Thank you god,
Thank you ma,
Thank you dad,
Thank you doc,
Thank you I,
Thank you all,

Because of you all I have survived.

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