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International Conference on HIV/AIDS and Substance Abuse
8th November 2000.
DAY 2 : Chief Guest : Mr. Nana Chudasama
Session No.1: HIV/AIDS Information & Dissemination
Chairperson: Mr. Atul Sharma.
Speaker: Prof. Sten Rönnberg (Sweden)- 10.00 - 10.25

Prof. Sten Rönnberg is a certified Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Supervisor in Psychotherapy, a specialist in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Addictions, and Professor Emeritus of Social Work at the Institute of Applied Behaviour Analysis Inc., Sweden. He specialises in care and treatment of alcohol and drug abusers.

Topic of Presentation: Severity of Dependence Scale (SDS): Psychometric properties of the SDS in a sample of Swedish intravenous drug users.
Abstract: This paper reported on a part of a larger research project, financed by The Swedish Council for Social Research. The Severity of Dependence Scale has its origin in the Opiate Subjective Dependence Questionnaire (OSDQ), a sub scale of the Severity of Opiate Dependence Questionnaire, SODQ (Southerland, 1986). SODQ were developed to be comparable to The Severity of Alcohol Dependence Questionnaire (Stockwell et al, 1983) and both are based on the assumption that dependence constitutes a dimension independent of other drug related problems.

Speaker: Mrs. Anna Marzec- Boguslawska (Poland) - 10.25 - 10.50

Mrs. Anna Marzec-Boguslawska is a doctor by profession. She is the Head of the Department of Epidemiology and Foreign Relations at the National AIDS Center of Poland.

Topic of Presentation: Fifteen Years of HIV and AIDS Prevention in Poland
Abstract:The paper examined the genesis of the AIDS and HIV problem in Poland and the various steps that have been taken by both the government and various NGO's towards the prevention and control of AIDS/HIV.

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Speakers: Mr. Henry Koroma (Sierra Leone) - 10.50 - 11.15
Mr. Henry Koroma is the Research/Planning Officer of the International Organisation of Good Templars (IOGT), Sierra Leone Chapter. He is experienced in drug abuse research, data collection and analysis. He is the Secretary General of the Sierra Leone Association of Social Workers, and an accredited member of the National Federation of Anti-Drug Organisations.

Topic of Presentation: The Drug Use and HIV/AIDS Situation in Relation to the Civil Conflict in Sierra Leone.
Abstract: This paper deals with the demographics of the spread of drug addiction and HIV in Sierra Leone, which has been compounded with the advent of the Civil War in 1991, and highlights steps that have been taken and should be taken in order to curb the problem, and increase drug and HIV related awareness amongst the people of Sierra Leone.

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Questions & Answers - 11.40 - 11.50
Coffee/Tea Break - 11.50 - 12.05

Session No.2: Substance Abuse Research and Treatment
Chairperson: Mr. Yatin Shah
Speaker: Ms. Petronella Perret (UK) - 12.05 - 12.30

Ms. Petronella Perret is currently serving as the Residential Services Manager for the Chemical Dependency Center in London, England. She has been responsible for the management of Thurston House and Hope House. She has also worked in community health services where she managed and developed Well Women, family planning and child health clinics.

Topic of Presentation: First Steps to Freedom - Women, Residential Treatment and Recovery.
Abstract: Women face particular problems and issues which both constrain them from finding and accessing suitable treatment services, and make it harder for them to use services effectively and consistently. Treatment models and information and advice services are on the whole based on a tacit assumption that the drug user is male. Women are marginalised and treated as "other ", both as drug users and as people trying to find recovery. This paper attempted to identify what some of the issues are, particularly those who have remained largely unrecognized , and examined how women's specific needs may be met.

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Speaker: Ms. Zodwa Octavia Mvubelo (South Africa) - 12.30 - 12.55

Ms. Zodwa Mvubelo obtained her Masters in Social and Community Work at Bradford University in the United Kingdom. For the past two decades she has been engaged in preventive action, research and related training with regard to the prevention of substance abuse, and making a special effort to contribute towards the mutually satisfactory integration of research and practice. More recently, Zodwa has been part of major collaborative initiatives between local (e.g. the South African Alliance for the Prevention of Substance Abuse) and international agencies (e.g. World Health Organization).

Topic of Presentation: Bridging the Gap between Research and Practice in the Prevention of Substance Abuse - A South African Case Study.
Abstract: This paper dealt with the constraints facing cost-effective drug-related preventive efforts due to the traditionally fragemented manner in which researchers and practicioners have been operating. It also examined recent initiatives that have been undertaken in order to bridge this gap particularly by the South African Researcher-Practitioner Association (SARPA).

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Speakers: Mr. John R. Casey and Ms. Lynn M. Campanario (USA) - 12.55 - 13.20

Mr. John R. Casey is the Program Manager, Prevention and Counseling Services for a community-based agency in California, USA. He has worked with youth and families in residential treatment environments, schools, juvenile detention facilities, and community settings, and currently serves on various coalitions throughout Sonoma County.

Ms.Lynn M. Camapanario is the HIV / AIDS co-ordinator, Department of Health Services in Sonoma County, California. She has worked in public health for more than fifteen years with an emphasis on HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment. Her current prevention work co-ordinates a countrywide community planning process and directs a social marketing campaign for at-risk youth.

Topic of Presentation: Workshop on - Coalition Building as a Prevention Strategy in HIV and Substance Abuse Control.

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Speakers:Father Oreste Benzi (Italy) - 13.20 - 13.45

Father Oreste Benzi is with the Association Community Pope John XXIII of Italy. The association that he represents runs 32 therapeutic communities with 456 young people.

Topic of Presentation: Why Drugs? What Can We Do?
Abstract: The paper presented by Father Oreste Benzi identified the social, emotional and spiritual factors which drive youngsters towards drug abuse. It also deals with various methods of prevention and control of drug abuse and the work that is being currently carried out by the Association Community Pope John XXIII.
Questions & Answers - 13.45 - 13.55
Lunch Break - 13.55 - 14.30
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