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International Conference on Alcohol/Drug Abuse, HIV/AIDS,
Environment, Population and Human Rights

Message of Dr. Rosy Chhabra, Convener of Hope 2005.

It is with great pleasure that I welcome all the delegates for Hope 2005. We are gathering here to address five important issues for our future that affect our survival, namely Environment; Population and Sustainable development; HIV/AIDS; Alcohol and Drug abuse as well as issues related to Human Rights. I am honored with the task of being the Convener for this conference. I look forward to meeting and introducing all the participants.

Our common goal is to address the importance of the above mentioned issues and work toward positive changes at the individual, community, national and international level. This conference provides a platform for us to share our views, experiences, and challenges in striving to educate each other and the community at large.

Again I welcome everyone to share and grow from this opportunity.

Rosy Chhabra, Psy.D.
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