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Drug Abuse Information Rehabilitation and Research Centre
in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations' Economic and Social Council
DAIRRC's Rehabilitation Centre is at Kushivali, which is 25 kms away from Mumbai.
 The Centre at Kushivali is situated at the foothills of the picturesque Haji Malang mountain range of the Western ghats. The Centre caters only to a maximum of 30 patients at a time (so that each gets individual attention) and is spread over 60,000 square feet of land.

East side view from DAIRRC Rehabilitation Centre

Therapy Hall (at dusk)

Therapy Hall (at night)

The Gazebo for Sub-groups

Outside view of the Therapy Room

An indoor Therapy session, in progress.
        The DAIRRC Rehab program, is a voluntary treatment program that believes in 'total abstinence'. The treatment program is based on the principles of Narcotics Anonymous and self help, and comprises of three distinct phases i.e. Motivation, Detoxification and Rehabilitation. DAIRRC has detoxified over 20,000 chemical dependants. Not a single one of them has experienced any 'cold turkey'. (Cold Turkey is a term used by addicts to describe their withdrawal symptoms, whilst giving up heroin and includes nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, yawning, coughing, sneezing, pain in the stomach, back and joints coupled with feeling cold and hair on the body rising).
DAIRRC believes that follow up treatment is a must. Rehabilitation lasts from four to nine months, depending on the prognosis of the patient and intensity of drug abuse. Substance abusers / Chemical dependants approaching the centre for treatment are Polydrug abusers, including Heroin ( 84%), Prescribed Medication abuse ( 9%), and others including Cocaine, Solvents etc ( 7 %).

Though DAIRRC does not insist on Parental participation, it encourages the same as it ensures a better prognosis. Because DAIRRC deals only with around 30 addicts at a time, the treatment is highly personalised and has a success rate of over 82 %. Success rate being defined by the following three criteria:-
  1. No intake of any mood or mind altering substance for more than 4 years
  2. No further interaction of the addict with law enforcement agencies.
  3. Gainful employment.
DAIRRC has participated in the recovery of Heroin dependants of over 14 years of 'main lining', and therefore believes that any addict can give up.

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Any addict can give up , provided that she/he wants to, prays to a God of his/her own understanding and follows the DAIRRC principles of recovery for life.

The treatment program is a holistic one and helps the Chemically dependant / addict to better all four planes of himself / herself, i.e. physical, mental, social and spiritual.

DAIRRC sees Chemical dependancy ( Drug Addiction) as a behavioural disorder, and encourages the addicts to bring about a positive change in their personality.


DAIRRC believes that addicts have to change their world view and learn to cope with reality. The program ensures a change in the addicts' threshold to cope with boredom and stress. Addicts do not need to come to DAIRRC to stop taking drugs, they can stop on their own.

They need The DAIRRC Treatment Program to ensure that they STAY STOPPED.

The central character in the recovery process is the addict herself / himself.

Entrance of villa of bliss

A view of the double room

Girls double room

Rejuvenating in natural environs

Deluxe room extension

Together we can

Swimming is one of the outdoor activities

Inside Sangita villa

Sub group discussions happen here

Club House (Outside View)

Club House (Inside View)

Club House (At Night)


Therapy Hall (Outside - Frontal view)

Group Therapy at the Centre

A Family Visits the Centre

The Gazebo (at night)

Natural Highs

Swing Along

Outdoor Sports

The Gymnasium

Getting in touch with one’s self

Double Rooms

Therapy Hall (East view - outside)

The Deluxe wing of the Rehabilitation Centre

The deluxe wing of the rehab center(frontal view)

View from the prayer room

Corridor of the deluxe facility

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Usually the centre is over booked, and addicts are requested to register their names at least a few months in advance.
President: Dr.Yusuf Merchant
H-1, Sitaram Building, Palton Road, Mumbai 400001, INDIA.
Tel: 91-22-2345 3253. Fax: 91-22-2342 1416. Mobile No: (98204 27223)
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